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Evanescence Announces 2011 Concert Dates

Amy Lee has announced two new 2011 concert dates. The first is August 20th at Canad Inns Stadium in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The second show is at the Rock in Rio show in Rio, Brazil on October 2nd. We'll keep you posted as we hear about more concert dates.

New Evanescence Album this Fall (2011)

In a recent interview with Spin Magazine, Amy Lee detailed the events of the last couple of years and how they’re back in the studio and recording with an eye to a Fall 2011 release date.

After The Open Door in 2006, the band took a well-deserved break. In Spring of 2010, Evanescence headed back into the studio with songs that were more electro and experimental. Working with Steve Lillywhite as producer wasn’t working out.

Fast forward a short time and the band, now consisting of Amy Lee, Terry Balsamo (guitarist), Tim McCord (bass), Will Hunt (drums) and Will “Science” Hunt (programmer), started working as a full-fledged team. The difference was profound. Working with a new producer, Nick Rasculinecz (Alice in Chains, Deftones), the music moved in a direction that was more pleasing to Amy Lee.

According to Lee, the new songs are influenced in part by nature, specifically the ocean and also deal with ‘brokenness’. As a closing quote, Lee offered: "Life can be tough sometimes. But I think it just starts with admitting, 'Okay, the world's not perfect, how do we live our lives within that and not be miserable?'
"There was some real struggle trying to figure out what I want this band to be. I want Evanescence to feel passionate. It's about looking for the answers and not always knowing them."

Read the original interview here.

Amy Lee Provides More Details on New Album

In an interview with Spin, Amy Lee has revealed significant new information about Evanescene's upcoming album, the band's first since 2006. The new unnamed album is slated to be released later this year so look for it late 2010. The sound will be new, according to the singer, and “It's not an organic record,” she says. “Our idea is to take synthetic and atmospheric sounds and find a way to blur the line between organic and synthetic. There is something really cool happening in music right now. There are bands that sound like they're from another time -- it's like '80s throwback music with analogue synthesizers and Moogs. I love it. I've been listening to a lot of La Roux.”

In addition, the band has undergone some more changes with Amy Lee now working with guitarist Terry Balsamo, Tim McCord on bass, drummer Will Hunt, and another songwriter named Will "Science" Hunt (now that's gotta be confusing!). They are recording in New York with producer Steve Lillywhite, best known for his work with U2 and the Dave Matthews Band.

Stay tuned for further updates as we have them!

Amy Lee Discusses New Evanescence Album

In a recent interview with Blabbermouth, Amy Lee discussed new material she's writing and yes, it will be under the Evanescence name! According to Amy Lee, she is working on new songs "almost every day". Amy Lee said it will not be "happy, married music" (Amy Lee married New York therapist Josh Hartzler in 2007).

Lee did not mention a release date, new band members, or any other specifics so stay tuned and we'll tell you what we know when we know it.

Carly Smithson Joining with Former Evanescence Members

Carly Smithson, American Idol's seventh season sixth place finisher will be joining with former Evanescence members Rocky Gray, John Lecompt and non-alum Marty O'Brian to form the Fallen, not so coincidentally the name of Evanescence's hit 2003 album.

The internet is aflutter with rumors that the new band is still called Evanescence (wrong!) or that Evanescence has disbanded (also wrong, not active but Amy Lee is writing songs, either for a solo or Evanescence album).

Evanescence Coming to Rock Band

Harmonix announced this week that Evanescence would be coming to Rock Band for the PS3 and XBox 360. The three tracks available will be "Bring Me to Life", "Call Me When You're Sober" and "Weight of the World" and will be $5.50, available at the consoles' respective online stores.

Amy Lee Denies Metallica / Evanescence Project

Amy Lee has denied rumors that she will collaborate with the heavy metal band Metallica for their upcoming album which is due later this year. She was rumored to be teaming up with the formerly long hair rockers on a reworking of their classic track "Fade to Black". Instead, Amy is currently writing songs for the next Evanescence album.

Evanescence Nominated for Grammy

Evanescence has been nominated for a 2008 Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance for Sweet Sacrifice. We are, of course, unbiased and know that they will win. But just so you know who will lose, the other contenders are The Pretenders by The Foo Fighters, I Don't Wanna Stop by Ozzy Osbourne, Sick Sick Sick from Queens of the Stone Age and The Pot from Tool. Check out the Grammys on February 10th at 8 PM on CBS.

Help Evanescence Win Artist of the Year

Fuse TV is holding a Best of 2007 contest and Evanescence has made it to the second round. Vist Fuse TV Best of 2007 and vote.

I Saw Evanescence in San Jose

The concert was of course, incredible! Unlike the Family Values Tour, there was plenty of time for Evanescence to play all of their hits. Amy was a great crowd pleaser and awesome as always. And a pleasant surprise was Julien-K who opened. Their music was good enough to send me in pursuit of their CD.

I Finally Met Amy Lee and Evanescence!

That’s right! At the Family Values Tour this last weekend, I met Amy Lee and the rest of Evanescence. You can read the complete story and see pictures by clicking here.

Evanescence adds three dates in Mexico

8/11/07 : Evanescence has added three dates in Mexico - November 3rd in Mexico City, Novermber 5th in Guadalajara and November 7th in Monterrey.

Evanescence Announces US Tour Dates


Coral Gables, FL


Jacksonville, FL


Orange Beach, AL


Grand Prairie, TX


Hidalgo, TX


Los Angeles, CA


Santa Barbara, CA


San Jose, CA


Reno, NV


Orem, UT


Seattle, WA


Denver, CO


Lincoln, NE


Champaign, IL


Moline, IL


University Park, PA


Wilkes Barre, PA


East Rutherford, NJ


Manchester, NH


Amherst, MA


Kingston, RI

New Line Up for Evanescence

There are two new names to the Evanescence band: Will Hunt (drums) and Troy McLawhorn (guitar). You can read about their debut here.

Amy Posts on EvThreads

Amy finally got a change to write to the fans about all the recent commotion...go here to read Amy's post.

Amy Gets Married!

It's official. Amy is now Ms. Amy Hartzler! The couple tied the knot in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 5th 2007, to Josh Hartzler, her Fiance since January of this year. Read more about it here.

John & Rocky Leaves Evanescence

Many Evanescence fans are shocked by the recent news of long time guitarist, John Lecompt, and drummer, Rocky Gray, leaving Evanescence. Read more about it here.

Evanescence "Family Values" Tour Dates

The much anticipated tour will be co-headlined by such names as Korn, Atreyu and will run from July 20th to September 2nd.

Click here for full tour schedule.

New: Sweet Sacrifice Video (April 5th 2007)

Evanescence recently shot their new video for "Sweet Sacrifice". It is now featured on Yahoo Music. Watch it now here.





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