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Anywhere But Home

Welcome to the Anywhere But Home DVD page.

Here you will find information on this album.

These are the tracks found on DVD:


Going Under

Taking Over Me

Everybody's Fool

(Korn cover)

My Last Breath

Farther Away

Breathe No More

My Immortal

Bring Me to Life





Released November 23, 2004
Recorded May 25th 2004
The Zenith, Paris
Length 61:47
Label Wind-Up Records



Anywhere But Home is the official Evanescence live CD/DVD set by Evanescence, released in November of 2004. It includes all four of their Fallen music videos, an hour of behind the scenes features, and a recording of a concert at the Zenith in Paris. It also includes a previously unreleased B-side on the CD, titled "Missing" (which also plays during the DVD's credits).

A secret performance of "Bring Me to Life"can be found on the DVD's main menu by moving the cursor to the lowest choice ("Behind the Scenes") and then moving it left, twice. Then click to the LEFT two times. An evanescence "E" symbol in orange should appear. Click on it to view.


Amy Lee - Vocals, piano/keyboard
William Boyd - bass
John Lecompt - Guitar, vocals
Terry Balsamo - Guitar
Rocky Gray - Drums

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