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Amy Lee Facts

Welcome to the Amy Lee Facts webpage.

Please not that although most of the points listed below were found through research, I do not claim these "facts" to be 100% accurate.

Many of these were gathered from various sources throughout the Web, and are based on research.

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Amy Lee Of Evanescence
  • She loves Tori Amos, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Bjork, Coldplay.

  • Her favourite "Fallen" song is "Going Under", but says "Haunted" describes the band best. ANother speculation is that it is "Imaginary".

  • One of her favourite movies is An American Tail.

  • She used to have a cat named Fievel (she found it in a ditch and then had to give it away because the band was going on tour).

  • She also hates "Who Let The Dogs Out" by The Baha Men.

  • She hates fast food, including McDonalds and Burger King.

  • Her favourite holiday is Halloween.

  • The one thing she could bring with her to a deserted island would be a piano

  • Her fave era is the Victorian era because they had such cool clothes.

  • She is allergic to lobster. If she eats it she'll go into coma.

  • If she wasn't famous she would "help people in some way".

  • Her natural hair colour is a light brown which is almost blond and her natural eye colour is radiant green. She once wore an outfit/dress that said "B!tch" that is now called the "B!tch" dress Amy said that even though that "My Immortal" is a big hit on the radios and TV she hates that song because it doesn't reflect on Evanescence's real picture.

  • "Bring Me to Life" was written based on a story from a guy who Amy knew, who was able to see through her facade of peing "smiley", and could see that she was actually sad. Amy had to beg so hard to her parents to learn to play piano Amy would like to be a good cook.

  • Amy took acting lessons for stage presence before they started recording Fallen.

  • Amy is named after the 70's song "Amie".

  • Her most embarrassing celeb crush is Corey Feldman from The Goonies.

  • Amy would prefer to stay at home and play in one place, but she still likes to tour.

  • She admits to listening to Mariah Carey.

  • Her favorite movie is the Nightmare Before Christmas.

  • Her favorite actor is Giovanni Ribisi.

  • Her favorite zombie movie is Dead Alive. She's been to the Haunted Mansion at Disney World "a million times".

  • She's more scared of a haunted house than a roller coaster.

  • The first album she owned was the California Rasins tape.

  • Her favorite 80's song is "Everything She Wants" By Wham!. She's sang that song karaoke five times.

  • The beach is one of her favorite places - she loves the ocean.

  • In high school, she was active in choir and drama. She was also president of the choir! Hence her name for herself, "choir nerd".

  • She doesn't really have any childhood names, it was always either Amy, Ames, or Amers.

  • When she was in middle school, she insists that she was, "overweight and had poofy hair".

  • She describes herself in 3 words: unique, sympathetic, misunderstood.

  • Her favorite hobbies include painting, drawing, and writing in her journals.

  • Her life philosophy is "Love Yourself".

  • She thinks that a girl should try to pay on a date, but would go "hmm" if he doesn't try to stop her.

  • She had a cat named Fievel, because of her favorite movies was "An American Tail".

  • Her worst vice is Godiva chocolate. She says she will only get two...and then gets six or seven

  • The first tape album she owned was The California Raisins tape.

  • She said that the guys stink after a show, especially her. Top 5 favorite female singers:
    1. Janis Joplin
    2. Beth Gibbons of Portishead
    3. Bjork
    4. Carole King
    5. Tori Amos

  • She loves Stevie Wonder, she even trys to copy his style!
  • She can't live without Soundgarden's "Superunknown" and Dr. Dre's "The Chronic".

  • She doesn't understand why anyone want's to wear thongs - she prefers panties anyday.

  • She loves to drive, but when she does, she scares her passengers to death.

  • She hates politics, and thinks Arnold Schwarzenegger is hilarious.

  • No diet for her, she prefers full-fat.

  • She thinks Jason is scarier than Freddy, because you don't know how his face looks like.

  • She prefers cash over checks.

  • She designs most of her own costumes.

  • She believes in the supernatural, she played in a haunted club once. She even sensed a presence many times!

  • Favorite car: A Dolorian (back to the future, plus the Flux capacitator)

  • If she wasn't in show biz, she would help people by being a nurse or social worker. Especially helping abused kids.

  • Her dad works as a DJ and her mom worked raising her 3 siblings!

  • She has a huge fear of sharks!

  • She has dated Shaun Morgan of Seether. She met him in some summer tour and then they began dating.

  • She has insulted Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera saying that they show too much skin.

  • At The Grammys when 50 Cent didn't win any awards he told several magazines and sources that it was good for Evanescence and Amy Lee, although he didn't feel that they deserved to win, like he did.

  • Amy Lee said the reason why Evanescence, her band, got to do two songs on the Daredevil album is because the people who were looking for new bands wanted a female lead singer to represent Jennifer Garner's strong female character.