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Evanescence EP

Welcome to the Evanescence EP album page.

Here you will find information as well as the lyrics to the songs on this album.

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Where Will You Go




So Close


Released December 1998 ( Little Rock, Arkansas )
Recorded 1997
Length 29:18
Label Private release
Producer(s) Ben Moody, Jason Jones



Evanescence EP is the first EP from the rock band Evanescence . It was released by Amy Lee and Ben Moody at a concert in 1998. The CD-R has four black 'E's printed on it and is sometimes signed by Lee and Moody. Like the Sound Asleep EP, it is very rare: only 100 copies were made. The cover features the sculpture Angel of Grief by William Wetmore Story. Finally, the inserts on the EP are of low quality and therefore are often thought to be fake, which they are not.


Amy Lee - Vocals, piano, keyboards, arrangements.
Ben Moody - Guitars, drums, keyboards, programming, arrangements.


William Boyd - Bass, guitar, background vocals on "Solitude".
Matt Outlaw - Drums on "Solitude" and "So Close".
Rocky Gray - Drums on "Understanding".

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